Would You Rather? – Boyfriend Challenge

Hey, guys welcome to www.amandaealvarez.com.  Today I’m playing would you rather once again.

If you were given the responsibility, would you rather inform a room of first-grade students that their favorite pets have died tragically or explain to a room of first-grade students how sex works in graphic detail?

I feel like explaining that the pets have died tragically would cause the kids to cry and I hate crying. And the sex thing might also cause them to cry as well, and it would cause me to get a huge amount of trouble. So I’m gonna go with the pets.


The Best Would You Rather Questions:


Would you rather it never eat pizza again or never drink another soda?

I would rather never drink another soda because life without pizza would just be tragic I think. Yeah, you know for that.


Would you rather have no hands or have a naked fat guy stalking you at all times?

I would rather have a naked fat guy stalking me at all times.


Would you rather drink only water and alcohol for the rest of your life or drink anything other than alcohol for the rest of your life?

I will take water and does wine count as alcoholics. I can drink water in wine.


Would you rather go to the dentist or watch women’s sports?

No offense to women’s sports but um I would much rather go to the dentist and get my teeth cleaned.


Would you rather clean a room covered in blood or clean room covered in poo?

I would rather clean a room covered in blood.


Would you rather have to eat tree bark for one meal a day or have to pour cold milk over everything you eat?

Milk would ruin everything. I would rather eat tree bark for one meal a day.  Iimagine going to like a nice restaurant on your birthday and then paying like well here’s my milk kind of silly old fillet meal.


If you had a machete, would you rather amputate the feet of two friends or amputate one of your own feet?

On the one foot, it would be nice to amputate somebody else’s feet and on my own but I don’t know if I would ever be able to live with myself. Iif I did that to two of my friends. So I would have to amputate my own feet. One of my own feet, I mean I only have to lose one foot that’s fine I guess right? last time I


Would you rather glue your eyes shut with superglue or spill hot glue all over your naked laughs?

I would much rather spill hot glue all over my naked butt right now.


Would you rather fall two stories onto concrete or fall two stories into freezing water?

I would rather fall into freezing water otherwise I’d die.
Would you rather stop using YouTube or stop using Facebook?

I’d rather stop using Facebook.


Would you rather be stalked by a ghost for your entire life or be stalked by a demon for three days then die?

I’d rather be stalked by a ghost.


Would you rather be able to run 40 miles per hour or own a car?

I’d rather be able to run 40 miles per hour is that fast? Who cares?


Would you rather snow for the rest of your life or rain for the rest of your life?

I would much, that’s really hard one. Rain that’d be so gloomy though at least when it’s snowy it’s like really bright whereas when it’s rainy it’s like it’s really a dark. Fuck it’s hard to think right now. Yeah I’ll take snow but then I’ll never get to wear shorts imagine summer rain fuck that’d be really nice.  We’ll go for, I can’t think right now we’ll go for rain.


Would you rather it death by firing squad or death by hanging? 

Sweater rather be shot or would rather be hanged. Now, hanging I feel like the death is kind of instant but if it isn’t then it’s suffocation whereas firing squad, you will get shot to oblivion. I think, I would rather get shot than hanged personally yeah because I feel like it would be a lot faster than like awaiting my hanging and then being hanged so I’m gonna go with fire squad.


Would you rather be tarred and feathered or be whipped and chained?

I rather be burned like to a crisp with hot tar and then feathered which are never going to come off now it hurts so bad
like third-degree burns or whipped and chained. I think I would rather be just beaten to the point where am I like adrenaline would set in and I wouldn’t really feel pain any more than like burned and that would be just.